What is a Board Management Software?

Having a board of directors is an important part of every company’s activity, but like many other business processes, it requires a lot of hard work and some costs. It often happens that the whole board process is spent on clarifying misunderstandings and getting up to speed due to the slow speed of notification of changes. Unproductive meetings and slow decision-making cost companies a lot of money, but a new technological solution in the form of board portals can solve many problems related to board governance. This article will tell you everything you need to know about board portals.

What is Board Management Software?

A board portal is a software to provide better board governance and organization processes. They are cloud-based programs that provide secure document storage and sharing features and help save you time and costs by improving the efficiency of making the right strategic decisions during board meetings. Board portals help you collaborate remotely and work together on projects, which helps speed up the entire meeting process and increase overall productivity.

These programs help companies move to paperless management and case management by going completely digital, with whiteboard portals providing better security and protection of your data from external and internal threats.

Benefits of Using Board Portals

Above, we described the general concept of board portals and their impact on the conduct of business in this company. Now we will cover the specific features of the software, how they work, and how they can benefit your organization. So, board portals have benefits such as:

  • Improved meeting management -now you don’t have to manually create a folder of required materials, print and send them out to all participants, you can create an agenda in just a few clicks. You can add future meeting times and dates to the digital calendar and other users can easily log in and see all the information on the digital whiteboard. If there are any changes in preparation, you can edit them in the space and other users will be notified instantly
  • Efficient document management – the whiteboard portal provides a secure repository for your valuable data, which can be conveniently downloaded and organized and can also be edited at a later date. With a quick search function, you can find the document you need in seconds
  • Optimized Communication – The board portal allows you to leave comments and questions, exchange messages, and create personal and shared file notes. Other users can answer others’ questions, thereby bringing them up to speed. It is also possible to hold meetings remotely as board portals offer excellent video conferencing tools, a particularly useful feature during pandemics and when some board members are too far away from the board location
  • Improved Collaboration – Programs provide collaboration tools so that directors can complete their assignments in real-time. This greatly simplifies many of the steps of running a board of directors before, after, and during a meeting
  • Security -The software uses encryption methods to protect against data leaks, dual authentication to protect passwords, and access and document interaction controls. The administrator has the right to control who and how can access a particular document. He can forbid printing, editing, and copying and allow only viewing, all at his discretion
  • Simplified access to information-all board members can now open and examine the material they need wherever it is located. Board portals provide flexible use so you can access all information anytime, on any device